Brilliant Way to Setup Auto-Reply in Your BT Mail

BT Mail is one of the well organized and systematic web based email service that is slightly very useful while performing the mailing works in an efficient manner. BT Mail is very impressive and has all advanced features by which users can easily manage their works. This will also provide a brilliant feature of auto reply by which you are able to set a formatted message which the senders get in your absence. This is very effective mode that you can tell your senders that you are not able to access email account, and you will redirect ted to the after a time period. This message contains necessary info which you set to deliver to the recipients who sends you emails. If you are not aware of accessing such brilliant feature, ten you can get instant measure by the help of BT Contact Number to perform the specific task. This is also very helpful to manage your official works.

setup auto relpy in bt mail

Listed are the measures to setup Auto-Reply feature in your BT Mail:

  • At first, you need to open Notepad. At is also required to type the message that the users wants to appear in the body of auto-response.
  • From the menu, it is required to choose the option for File or Save.
  • Below the option of Filename, you have to type Vacation Auto-Reply. Also, there is need to be sure that Text
  • Documents has been selected below the option of Save as Type.
  • Now click to the Save option. Now close down the Notepad.
  • You may now choose the option of Tools>Message Rules> Mail from the given menu.
  • Now you need to go in the tab of Mail Rules. And now click on the button of New.
  • Be sure where the To or CC line contains people in selected below the option of Select the Conditions for your rule.
  • From the section of Select the Actions for your rule, you may choose the option of Reply with message.
  • Click over the contains people link from the Rule Description.Now type the email address.
  • Now click on the option of Add, and click OK. Click on the link of message from the Rule Description.
  • Select the option of Text from the option of Files of Types.
  • You have to highlight the file of Vacation Auto-Reply. Click on Open.
  • From name of the rule, enter something you wish as well. Now select Ok and then click on Ok again.

There are many people who need further help for the above solved issues. If you are one of them then you can directly contact to the BT Customer Service Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solutions and useful measures to resolves the all issues in smart manner. You may also get proper guidance and support by the tech support team experts to manage your all issues.

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