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aol instant messenger profile

AOL member profiles are kept in a part directory stored on the AOL Web servers and are open to anybody with an Internet association. Use AOL Support Phone Number to beware of the details of your profile or the profile of somebody you know.

5 Steps to Boost Your AOL Instant Messenger Profile

New screen name? It might appear like your friends have way more visitors or guests than you and you can’t get up to speed. Gratefully, with enough planning, you’ll be in the running among your companions for the most visitors previously you know it. Simply follow these steps.

  • If it is conceivable, put your account profile on open. It’s significantly less demanding to get visitors when they really have something. Try not to stress on the off chance that you aren’t permitted or you don’t feel great doing it. Simply read the steps underneath.
  • Have many friends (that you know or have companions that know, obviously) that would visit your profile page, say, to take a look at your photographs or comment it. I’ve seen that individuals with 100+ friends get at least 1,000 visitors than individuals with around 50-75.
  • Make them to want to return. For instance, post that you’re taking some time off and will upload images when you return. Make sure to really follow through, and paste your arrival date in too so they know when to check.
  • In the event that none of these have functioned well, and you’re getting urgent, go to the people you may know segment of your mates tab and look for screen names. On the off chance that you see somebody you recognize or think you perceive, tap on their profile to take in more. At that point, if you do know them, send them a friend request for and they’re certain to take a look at your profile a fair amount.
  • This procedure doesn’t get you visitors, now you’re getting worried yet there is another method to fix it, in any case it requires a free time. Open your profile page and wait for it to load enough for the visitors to appear, and revive the page. Since you consider a guest, your check will increment by one or 2, in the event that individuals visit your profile in the middle of refreshes.

If these above steps not working then you can speak with AOL Support Number expert for instant help.

Boost aol instant messenger profile

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