Hotmail Tech Support- Rules to be used in Hotmail for Better Usage

Hotmail can be useful but to an extent until it can deliver best services for easy and enhanced mailing needs and this it done with maximum accuracy. With all this it also takes well care of its user’s privacy and for this it has an extra layer of privacy.

Hotmail is thus enhanced, secured, and accurate and the most widely used mail platform that is efficient for each of its users. Hotmail is a common mail platform for millions of users and this is because it is easy to use as well but still if in any case users face any sort of problems using it they may obtain easy help from Hotmail Contact Number UK.

Rules of Outlook Mail Platform

manage mail by hotmail rule

In cases when users are using outlook as their official mail platform or when they are receiving more than 30 mails a day it is better than a well managed mail platform is to be enabled you may use the following rules of outlook:

  1. Automatic Replies – In case when you are using your outlook mail for office purpose it is sure that you may receive several mails the response of which is similar always. In such cases you may instruct outlook to reply with same message by itself.
  2. To: Me – When you wish to keep a copy of what you have sent you may add yourself email address or may simply write me in the Cc line so that a copy of mail will automatically get to your Inbox as well which you sent to others.
  3. Sent to folder – If you receive a particular type of message or if you wish that all mails from particular sender get into a specific folder you may set a rule with which it will automatically enter into that folder which you may access later.
  4. Defer Sent Items – If you need that the message you are sending must be delayed you can set setting to send the messages later by one minute or longer. With this your mail message will be sent even when you are logged out or shut down your device.

With these easy rules in outlook a user enjoy a well managed and structure outlook mail usage. This is quite easy to use and apply still if in case user face problem using it you may obtain easy help from Hotmail Customer Service UK Phone Number.

As you dial this help contact number you are directed to talk with trained experts who completely understand all your queries and get the best answer in quick time.

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