Why Yahoo Once Suspended its Automatic Mail Forwarding Services?

Yahoo has always been a leading mail platform for its millions of users. It is known to exist as a leading and the oldest mail platform that still manage to serve well with all needs of its users. Even though various other famous platform have rise as leading mail platform no platform was compatible enough to replace yahoo and it’s amazing services. Users who have been using yahoo since long continue to use it without actually switching to any new mail platform.

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Yahoo is still a common mail platform for many and it is because it accepts changes and work to bring the latest features to its platform every time. The updates are for user and it is advisable that user knows and uses them for better experience and in case you want to stay update about these latest features on yahoo platform stay in touch with Yahoo Support Number.

Do You Know? Why Yahoo Decided to Close its Email Forwarding Services ?

Yahoo keeps on providing new and latest features as per user’s need and with these it also close all those applications which are no more required or are essential to be closed. Few months ago yahoo decided to close it email forwarding services and it is believed that all this yahoo did to ensure better secured yahoo experience for its users. When yahoo first closed it, it raised as controversial issues for many users. They were habitual using this and thus when yahoo closed it users did not appreciated this movement of yahoo. 

Automatic email forwarding was always a crucial feature for yahoo users which they always require changing email accounts for Yahoo Mail users. When Yahoo turned off automatic email forwarding people were confused what will they do now for their privacy and this was because they were using it since years.

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According to yahoo, anyone who has already enabled the feature will not be affected by this feature anymore but for other it was no more available as they cannot activate it later. At that time Yahoo said mail forwarding was currently under development and it has been closed for improved but actually it was believed that it was temporarily disabled so that it can be enhanced to fight the breeaching issues in rare future.

It was believed that after right implementation one will get back the ability to turn on Mail Forwarding for new forwarding addresses once yahoo will do necessary changed to it and after few weeks it was back again successfully.

With this it is obvious that even when yahoo is facing little difficult phase of its time but by bringing latest and innovative features and by taking some amazing actions it knows how to provide better yahoo platform for its users.

It is necessary that user accepts those changes and get habitual to it as soon as possible because after all it is for its users only. We understand that accepting changes can be little difficult sometimes and if you face any issues with any of the latest feature update you may obtain easy help from Yahoo UK Free Contact Number and get the best answer to all your questions or queries only just one call.


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