Top 20 Essential keyboard Shortcuts for BT Mail

BT can be a useful mail platform that provides efficient services. Being the most common medium of telecommunication links in the world since years, Bt has commonly be known to provide better communication services to millions of users worldwide.

Even though BT is termed to be the most enhanced mail service but with this it is user friendly as well and thus it is so widely used. It is known to provide user oriented services which  makes it very sure that it is pretty easy to use and in case if users still face any issues using their BT applications they may obtain easy help from BT Mail Support Contact Number.

Keyboad shortcut

4 Useful BT Options keyboard Shortcuts

Definitely while you are using a platform for your professional use you must be busy doing other things as well with this and in such cases you search such things which can enable fast working. Definitely when you need to take easy actions even moving a hand towards mouse for easy actions feels like wasting few seconds. In such cases BT supports and let its users to take easy actions right with keyboard itself.

Common Email Option Shortcuts

  • F : With F key a user can selects the email search box and get into it.
  • L : with L key a user may select the left navigation area from where you can take easy actions of Managing folders, actions for Contacts and Empty a trash. It is also possible to take actions for Calendar and managing it.C : With C key a user can get into the centre panel.
  • Q : With Q you may get to the quick buttons area.
  • A : A key can help you selects the Mail option
  • T :  While you press T in BT you can select the centre area of the main toolbar.

Menu Option Shortcut

  • Shift +S: With this a user may save things.
  • Shift +N: With this key combination you can select next option in a list.
  • Shift +P: Select the previous option.

BT keyborad shortcut

Mailing Option Shortcut

  • Shift+C: Creates a new email from the list of emails or individual email
  • Shift+U: Refreshes for the list of mails
  • Shift +R: For chooses the “reply to” option
  • Shift+F:  Open “advanced search” from the list of emails or individual email.
  • Shift+M: Open the folder option to manage it
  • Shift+E: For Rename the selected folder and edit option when you have opened a draft email
  • Shift+S: Send the mail when you compos an email (including edit areas)

Shortcut for Choosing an option which you want

  • Shift +1 : Go to mail with these keys
  • Shift +2 : Go to contacts.
  • Shift +3 : go to calendar
  • Shift +0 : Go to settings.

These are just few of the shortcuts for using BT effectively right from your keyboard. There are many more keyboard shortcuts which are all easy to use but in case if you need easy  help to use any of them or want to know more about this you may obtain easy help from BT Contact Number anytime by just dial our helpline or send a mail through chat box. Our experts are always available for your help.

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