Do You Know About Some Useful Panels of AOL Mail ?

AOL is amazing mail platform that let user exchange mails in a well planned manner. AOL is different from other mail network because it somehow managed to be extra user friendly and provides everything with the convenience of its users. AOL exists since long years but still it is a common mail medium in much famous organization. AOL helps user connects to each other meaningfully and easily. It is also used by employees of big firms to connect to each within the official framework and because it has highest security concerns for its users information it is equally suitable of personal mail exchange. AOL is amazing and is also user friendly but still if in any case any user face any issues using AOL they may obtain easy help from AOL Customer Service Number UK.

AOL provide so many features for its users benefit and one among this the easy to use panels. Panels are available to be used right within the AOL mail account and are available at the right side of the mail screen. Panels can be said as quick links to perform functions on AOL mail. They support features with which users can enjoy enhanced experience online.

useful panel of aol mail

Some of the useful panels available in AOL mail platforms are as below:

  1. AIM panel – This can help you connect directly to the instant messenger service of AOL right while using the mail platforms. One can configure the AOL messenger which will start to appear on the right side of the screen. This will help you enjoy all those interesting chat features at one place.
  2. To Do panel – This will help you add tasks which you need to do in future period. With this users can easily add new tasks and due dates on which this tasks need to be performed. This will help you remember the priorities of task you need to perform.
  3. Events Panel – This is another easy to use panel that comes as integration with the calendar application of AOl. It let users create their own calendar entry right when they are reading mails. This help you view your event and calendar at one place.

It is sure that each feature of AOL including its panel options is provides so as to ensure that users can make the most out of their AOL platform but in case if they face any issues easy help may be obtained from customer service experts only just one call on AOL Phone Number and directly to touch with trained specialist who understand all your issues and get the best answer according to your queries.

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